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Kiev Underground Exploration Tour

What do you know about City? Streets where we walk.
Behind the edge of knowledge exist another side: under streets for hundreds kilometers there are tunnels of underground rivers, drain systems, engeneering communications. Somethimes we can found abandoned Cold War Bunkers – its like a time capsule, wich still standing in Soviet times. Metro tunnels is the biggest bunker in Kyiv.
To show you Kiev from another side we developed this tour.

We will meet on exit from metro station “Dnipro” which on a red line, near ticket office.
Drain System “Nikolskaya” –  the oldest part of more than 50 kilometers long Kiev draining system. Big part of the system was built in 1916. It’s the best excursion to visit city underground if you haven’t experience in Urban Exploration. During 2 hours tour you will:
– know everything about Kiev subterranean world and post-Soviet Urban Exploration;
– do route near one kilometer long through the different types of tunnels;
– see the biggest underground waterfall in Kiev and meet absolutely darkness.

Excursion cost

135 usd

Visitor's photos

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