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Cossack Village Mamaeva Sloboda

Cossack village “Mamajeva Sloboda” is an open-air museum, which thematic exhibits are situated on the 9,2 hectares site and represent a full replica of a historical settlement, depicting Ukrainian nature, architecture and the way of life. In the center of the architectural ensemble which consists of 98 units a Cossack three-domed wooden church is located. The Cossack church is founded in the name of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin and is similar to the one built at Zaporozhian Sich in the days of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi. The objects of “Mamajeva Sloboda” are used by the method of reproduction of the living history according to their original functions – with the aim to popularize and revive the original Ukrainian folk traditions, customs, rites, forgotten labor skills and handicrafts.

Excursion cost

110 usd

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