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От шляпки до перчаток: всё, о чем говорят женщины

Fashion is a complex union of creativity, liberty, beauty and strict rules in one piece. It is a mirror of society and individual character. It reflects one’s soul, lifestyle, hobbies, age, social and marital statuses.

Pin, tussy-mussy, corset, tournure, bal carnet, hoop skirt, dress train only start the list of  “must done” social conventions in the 19 century. And this tour will tell you not only the story of dress and accessories, but also the details of high life and etiquette of the 19 century – beginning of the 20 century.

So during 2 hour tour you will get to know how long the dress train should be designed and how large the lady’s waist should be tighted up, when ladies started wearing the panties, who put on the first white dress for the wedding ceremony, what the fan was really for and other interesting details of fashion world.

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