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Quest-Game “Mysterious Kyiv”

Are you tired of standard sightseeing tours? Do you want to get your colleagues out of the workplace and set them to a different type of challenge? Then this game is definitely for you!

During a quest-game you’ll be acquainted with mysterious Kiev, and find secret yards, unknown locations, old staircases and specific monuments of Kiev, where all the secrets will be revealed.

Get into a friendly spirited rivalry, as you solve mysterious puzzles throughout the city.  Teams have to perform tasks and guess the riddles to get the code of the next envelope. Each envelope has clues about a unique building or location in the historical part of the city. Your teams will be marked by colored bracelets.
Your route is clearly defined across the city center.  You will not wonder into oblivion and get lost since you’ll be supported and coordinated be the team. 

Excursion cost

250 usd

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