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BRDM Driving

It’s incredibly interesting and fun to drive a BRDM. Want to try?
If you want to do something crazy, something spectacular and unusual, then driving a BRDM is for you. Riding on a BRDM can’t compare with any other experience in your life. Find yourself in the driver’s seat and enjoy the adrenaline, personally driving a great iron beast. Experience all of its power!
Emotions are going through the roof and making you laugh!
Our guide-instructor will teach you the skills of driving a combat tank. He’ll make sure that you receive unforgettable impressions of the tour even if you have never driven the car.
And moreover, the area, where the tour takes place, inspires for good picnic outdoors.
Wish you good weather! However, for those who is in thet BRDM, any weather is good!

Excursion cost

290 usd

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